How To Attain Your Objectives With Old Modular Stand?

The modular exhibition stand can be used again and again. But, how can we use our old exhibition stand and ensure trade booth success? If your modular exhibition stand is old that that does not mean its lifespan has ended.

With the changing trends in the exhibition industry, most companies can afford to purchase new exhibition stands. But, those companies who are on a tight budget cannot afford to purchase a new stand for the new trade show.

Well, there is one good news for those who have budget constraints. If you have an old exhibition stand, then you can refresh it with little modification and use it in the upcoming expo. You can also take the help of modular exhibition system companies to refresh your old trade booth.


Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks to use your old trade booth:

1: Incorporate Attractive Product Display

People prefer to visit those stands more where the product is effectively displayed. Therefore, you should make your products as a focal point to grab the attention of customers.

Also, an attractive focal point will make your entire exhibition stand make it feel like new. You may think that installing an attractive product display system is difficult. But, it is a cost-efficient and simple process.

2: Incorporate Small Banner stand

There is one more way to make your old modular exhibition system look like a new one is to incorporate the small banner stand inside the modular trade booth. You should design these small banner stands carefully to enhance the curb appeal of your trade booth.

Make sure that the banners stands do not contrast more sharply with your modular stand. These modular display frames will look different to stand out among all trade booths.

3: Get Attractive Giveaways

The promotional giveaways help to distract trade booth attendees from your outdated trade booth. You can grab their attention with attractive promotional items. People will gather at your booth to collect enticing giveaways and also enquire about your products. This way you can spread brand awareness.

4: Leverage New Technology

You can add new technology gadgets at your booth to make it look like a new one. Install a large digital screen at your booth to display your testimonial, brand videos, picture and many more. This big digital screen is just an example but you can use various new technologies the way you want.

Leverage New Technology

You can incorporate VR technology, robots, etc. at your booth. If you want to update your outdated trade booth, then adding new technology is the best way.

5: Take Help of Social Media

Pre-trade show marketing can create a good impression of potential trade show attendees. You can use social media to represent a good image of your trade booth. People will perceive your trade booth as a new one.

This trick is simple and also costs you nothing. You should create your pages on facebook and other social media websites and start promoting your trade booth much earlier.

If you are successful in creating a good hype with social media, then you will definitely get a good volume of traffic at your exhibition stand. You should go creative and attract more trade shows attendees towards your modular display systems.

6: Replace Old Graphics With New One

The old graphics on your exhibition stand may turn off the trade show visitors. That means you should change the graphics on your trade booth. This small investment and little efforts will make your trade booth attractive and it will look like a new one.

Replace Old Graphics With New One

Eye-catching graphics play a vital role in spreading brand awareness and the attractive huge volume of traffic towards your trade booth. It will help you to get a high return on investment. The alluring graphics will create a buzz during the trade show.

You can take the help of an experienced designer to design the perfect graphics for your modular display systems. The large size and high-resolution graphics will let your trade booth shine out among various competitors.

7: On-Spot Promotion Schemes

This is an old but effective trick to increase your sales rate. On-spot promotional things will stop the visitors from your trade booth and trigger their curiosity. After some time, the sales team manager will describe the benefits of structure and the product as well. Finally, leave the decision to make authority to the visitor.

Tell them about different offers so that they can choose the right offer as per their budget. You can give attractive pricing or free gifts on the purchase of your products or services. The sale rate will depend on how much your offer is attractive for trade show attendees.

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