Tips to Purchase Property in Dubai for First Time House Buyers

Arabian Ranches is a gated community that is more concerned about the safety and security of its inhabitants. It provides an amazing combination of Arabic architecture skillfully combined with European refinement. Moreover, the dwellers enjoy the serenity in the environment of the area that is free from the haphazardness of the city. Being an owner of the property in a comfortable community would remain beneficial for the future due to its secure environment, education, health, and amusement facilities. However, before buying property in this community there are some tips for the first time house buyers that should be there in their mind.

Tips to Purchase Property in Dubai for First Time House Buyers

Tips for the first time house buyers

Let us have a look at those tips and tricks.

Do you want to live or invest?

The first and foremost thing is that you have to decide whether you want to buy a house for residence or you are just buying a property with an intention for investment. In such a situation, you will pay less but the services of the community will still be there for you. While if you are planning to live here then you have to pay, a higher price and you will get a beautifully renovated house for a long-term stay.

Understand the ambiance

Arabian Ranches 3 is a safe place for the first time house buyers. It offers various facilities like medical centers, retail centers, and coffee shops. There are also play areas and swimming pools for young children. Moreover, it has schools and nurseries that make it a perfect place for families who want to buy a house in Dubai. Hence, it is not an ideal place for singles. People of this community are really very social and active, be ready to make friends and golf partners.

Up-gradation process

If you want to upgrade your property and you are a first time house buyer, you should be aware of the process and policies of up-gradation. In Arabian Ranches 3 offers a hassle-free process of approval for up-gradation with a facility of a one-off fee. There is a need to get the consent of EMAAR and Dubai Municipality.

Think about Resale Value

A most frequently asked question by the first time house buyer about the real value of the upgrading property. It is no doubt a profitable option because it becomes more valuable, expensive, and ideal for the new buyers.

Follow the MOVE-IN rules and regulations

There is a need for Move-In Permit (MIP) for being a part of this community. MIP is beneficial for maintaining the information of the residents and their requirements during an emergency. It requires sending an email along with the mandatory documents. There are different documents for homeowners and tenants that one would need to attach to the MIP email. The list of the required documents will be available in the concerned department. After receiving a complete email, they will issue MIP within five working days.

 Be aware of the Service Charges

As a first time house buyer be aware of the service charges. The residents have to pay the service charges monthly or yearly. These service charges are necessary for the community’s maintenance. These service charges vary according to the maturity of the development in that particular community.

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